Development of Compliance system
Our group’s aim has been to have a good relationship with our various stakeholders by enacting our internal rules, committees and having a wide variety of instruction manuals. We will strive for deep and trusted relationships with our stakeholders from now on. In order to do it, we deem that internal rules, respect our social norms and act in according to the corporate ethics.
Therefore, we developed our compliance systematically in April 2006. We also set considerations as “Otsuka Chemical Holdings Group Declaration of Conduct” and “Otsuka Chemical Holdings Group Compliance Program”. Which every employee will practice.
Declaration of Conduct
Fundamental Declaration
We practice the laws and carry on our business in accordance with the social ethics to build trust with all of you including our customers, stockholders and business associates.
To gain the trust of our customers
We make an effort into ensuring safety of our products so that our customers can use them safely.
We make an effort into improving our product quality for our customer’s satisfaction
We listen to the feedback and implement technical innovations continually.
To gain the trust of our stockholders
We will contribute to our stockholders return by enhancing our achievements with our managerial resources used efficiently.
To gain the trust of our business associates
We make an effort into keeping beneficial and healthy relationships for each other and developing a good partnership.
To gain the trust of society
We make an effort into fulfilling our social responsibilities and duties as a corporate citizen.
We understand well the social ethics and act in good faith.
We make an effort into the protection of the global environment the economization of materials and recycling to reduce the adverse effect on the environment.
To gain the trust of our employees
We respect each of employee’s personalities, abilities and human rights, and grow together with them.
We make an effort into the safety control in the workplace and the maintenance of our employee’s health.
For trusted business activities
We maintain the internal control for healthy business activities.
We carry on the risk management to prevent any casualties and accidents. If anything happens we will take appropriate actions quickly.
We control personal information and internal information properly to prevent being lost leaked or any other accidents.
We disclose information quickly and faithfully.
While we protect our intellectual property, we respect third party’s intellectual property and take great care not to infringe or use it incorrectly.
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