Many theories have considered the environment as a silent subject parallel to production, profit & turnover. Environment Protection and conservation is not only a moral obligation and necessity but also essential for ensuring business continuity with sustainable development & Ecological conservation.We strive to operate efficiently and effectively to enhance our eco-efficiency and eco-effectiveness for a minimal environmental as well as carbon footprint. We want to contribute towards creating a world that provides a viable future with enhanced quality of life for everyone.Our aim is to use the right methodology for a beautiful, clean, green & better tomorrow and ensure the usage of available resources along with “best from waste”. Since the challenges concerning long-term water availability are critical so we are aiming to become self-sufficient as far as water consumption is concerned. This approach will help us in prioritizing our objective of water neutrality in the future. Our major focus is on recycling water back into operations to reduce dependency on freshwater abstraction. We are already a Zero-Liquid-Discharge (ZLD) unit. A conscious and continuous effort is being made to explore and adopt best practices in the environmental management and governance system to ensure that all the applicable legal requirements are met. Investments are being continuously made in implementing new technologies.

A step towards nature:

The objective of the green cover or plantation is to reduce air pollution, restore water balance, check soil erosion, attenuate noise pollution and improvement in the overall environment & aesthetics of the plant site. In OCIPL, area exceeding 33% of the total plot area is covered with green belt.  A wide green belt is provided all around the periphery of the plant. The industry has really put in a serious effort to create greenery and the number of trees, plants, shrubs and herbs has increased considerably over a period of time. At present, more than 3000 tree species and about 700 shrubs are part of existing greenbelt.