Health and Safety

We, at Otsuka, strongly believe in Zero incidents and accidents. Workplace hazards and associated risks are a major cause of safety failure at any workplace and we work towards making the work environment free from all such types of workplace hazards.
We regularly work towards making our occupational health and safety management system more efficient and achieving a better version of the OH&S management system each year by setting specific targets and successfully completing them from time to time.
The effectiveness of EHS department functioning is regularly maintained by involving all employees of the company whereby each worker contributes towards health and safety of the employees and organisation as a whole. The main motive is to make all employees realize that safety is not only the responsibility of the safety department but it is everybody’s collective responsibility.
HIRA, HAZAN, PSSR, RCA, internal and external audits are carried out on a regular basis to keep the safety system on track within the organization. Training and awareness programs related to plant information and safety are delivered to all on rolls and contractual employees in order to make sure that ITS (Information, Instruction, Training and Supervision) is implemented properly.
We focus on regular advancements in the field of active and passive fire protection systems installed inside the plant for developing better ways to ensure zero fire-related near misses and accidents. A strong team of Emergency Responders is available inside the facility all the time in order to meet any eventuality. The members of this team are trained and polished regularly for combating any type of miss haps or worst-case scenarios.
We believe in “Safety First, Safety Must”